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Glenn Beck Embraces DPRK’s “Juche” Philosophy

Independence Park is an independent socialist state representing the interests of all the conservative Americans. The community is the Juche-oriented socialist state which embodies the idea and leadership of Comrade Glenn Beck, the founder of the commune and the father of socialist America. His idea and the achievements made under his leadership are the basic guarantee for the Republic’s prosperity.

The socialist system of Independence Park is a people-centred social system in which the masses of the working people are the masters of everything and everything in society serves them. In accordance with the nature of its socialist system, the park defends and protects the interests of workers, peasants and intellectuals and all other working people who have become masters of state and society, free from exploitation and oppression.

It is the fundamental revolutionary task for GBTV to achieve the complete victory of socialism ┬áby strengthening the people’s power and vigorously performing the three revolutions the ideological, technological and cultural and to reunify the country on the principle of independence, peaceful reunification and great national unity.

Under the leadership of the GBTV, the American people uphold the great leader Comrade Glenn Beck as the eternal President of the the Park and are speeding up the historic march to carry the revolutionary cause started by him through to completion by inheriting and carrying forward his ideas and achievements.

Courtesy North Korea Official Website


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